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Group, Apple Computer Inc. Lammers for helpful discussions about acoustic crypsis, and Jere-. We are also grateful for the helpful comments provided by. This paper is dedicated to Dr Louis M. Herman, who initiated the earliest studies of humpback whale. Baker, C. Migration and local movement of humpback.

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Journal of Cetacean Research and Management ,1 e 1 0. Bolker, B. Generalized linear mixed models: A practical guide for ecology. Bon, R. Do lambs affect feeding habitat use by. Journal of. Zoology, 1 , 43 e Boyce, M. Ecological Modelling, 2 , e. Cartwright, R. Between a rock and a hard place: Habitat selection in female e calf. Tracking the development of muscular myoglobin stores in mysticete calves. Behavioral ontogeny in humpback whale. Megaptera novaeangliae calves during their residence in Hawaiian waters.

Marine Mammal Science, 25 3 , e Asso ciations with multipl e male groups. Behaviour, 11 ,. Chittleborough, R. The breeding cycle of the female humpback whale,. Megaptera nodosa Bonnaterre. Marine and Freshwater Research, 9 1 , 1 e Dynamics of two populations of the humpback whale,. Megaptera novaeangliae Borowski. Marine and Freshwater Research, 16 1 ,.

Christiansen, F. Noninvasive unmanned aerial vehicle provides estimates of the energetic cost. Ecosphere, 7 10 , e01 Ciuti, S. Journal of Zoology, 1 , 97 e Clapham, P. The social and reproductive biology of humpback whales: Mammal Review, 26 1 , 27 e The humpback whale: Seasonal feeding and breeding in a. Mann, R. Connor, P. Whitehead Eds. Cetacean societies: Field studies of dolphins and whales pp. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press.

Why do baleen whales migrate? A response to Corkeron and. Marine Mammal Science, 17 , e Reproduction and recruitment of individually. Canadian Journal of Zoology, 65 12 , e Length at birth and. Journal of Cetacean Research and Man-. Costelloe, B. Coping with transition: Offspring risk and. Animal Behaviour,.

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Craig, A. Habitat preferences of female humpback. Marine Ecology Progress Series, , e Migratory timing of. Behaviour, 8 , e 10 Estimating residence times of. Report to the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale. National Marine Sanctuary. Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Washington, D. National Oceanic. Department of Commerce and Depart-. Male mate choice and male e male. Habitat segregation. Avoidance of males? Darling, J. Characterization of behavior of humpback whales in Hawaiian. Honolulu, HI. National Oceanic and Atmospheric. Administration, U. Department of Commerce and Department of Land and.

Natural Resources, State of Hawaii. Humpback whale songs: Do they. Behaviour, , 1 e Dawbin, W. The seasonal migratory cycle of humpback whales. Norris Ed. Berkley, CA: University of California Press. Ersts, P. Zoology, 4 , e Distribution and behaviour of humpback whale.

Progress Series, ,2 7 7 e Fisher, D.

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Convergent maternal care. Evolution, 56 1 , e Fox, J. An R companion to applied regression 2nd ed. Thousand Oaks, CA: Frasier, T. Reciprocal exchange and subsequent adoption of calves by two North Atlantic. Aquatic Mammals, 36 2 , 11 5. Fripp, D. Postpartum whistle production in bottlenose dolphins. Marine Mammal Science, 24 3 , e Gabriele, C. Estimating the mortality rate of humpback whale calves in the. Canadian Journal of Zoology, 79 4 , e Grigg, R.

Coral Reefs, 21 1 , 73 e Grignolio, S. Wildlife Management, 71 3 , e 71 9. Guidino, C. Patterns of. Herman, L. The multiple functions of male song within the humpback. Review , evaluation, and syn-. Biological Reviews, 92 3 , e 18 Humpback whales in the Hawaiian breeding. Population and pod characteristics. Research Institute, 29 ,5 9 e Composite description. Resightings of humpback whales in Hawaiian waters ov er spans of 10 e Marine Mammal Science,.

Humpback whale song: Who sings? Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 67 10 ,. Jones, M. Demography and phenology of gray whales and. Sur, Mexico. Jones, S. Leatherwood Eds. Orlando, FL: Academic Press. Katona, S. Olla Eds. Current perspectives in research: Cetaceans Vol. New York, NY: Population size, migrations and feeding aggre-.

Atlantic Ocean. Knowlton, R. Sound production in the snapping shrimps. Alpheus Crangon and Synalpheus. Biological Bulletin, 2 , 31 1 e Kooyman, G. The physiological basis of diving to depth:. Birds and mammals. Annual Review of Physiology, 60 1 , 19 e Lammers, M. T rends in collisions. Journal of Cetacean Research and Management,. Lent, P. Mother e infant relationships in ungulates. Behaviour of Ungulates. Lockyer, C. Review of baleen whales Mysticeti reproduction and implica-.

Reports of the International Whaling Commission, Special. Issue, 6 ,2 7 e Lundblad, E. Geodesy, 29 2 , 89 e Main, M. Sexual segregation in ungulates:. New directions for research. Journal of Mammalogy, 77 2 , e Mann, J. Natal attraction: Allomaternal care and mother -. Animal Behaviour, 55 ,. Mate, B. Local and migratory movements of. Hawaiian humpback whales tracked by satellite telemetry. Zoology, 76 5 , e A note on using satellite.

Eschrichtius robustus during their reproductive season. Journal of Cetacean. Research and Management, 5 2 , e Mobley, J. Changes over a ten-year interval. Aquatic Mammals, 25 ,6 3 e Neu, C. A techniq ue for analysis of uti-. Journal of Wildlife Management, 38 3 , e Nishiwaki, M. Humpback whales in Ryukyuan waters. Nixon, C. Stability of white-. Journal of Zoology, 70 5 , e Ozoga, J. Parturition behavior and territ oriality in. Impact on neonatal mortality. Journal of Wildlife Manage-. Pack, A. Penis ex-. Aquatic Mammals, 28 2 ,.

Using electronic maps of real-time whale locations. Final Report. Fish and Wildlife Foundation. Size-assortati ve pairing and discrimination of potential mat es by humpback. Animal Behaviou r, 84 ,9 8 3 e Male humpback whales in the Hawaiian breeding grounds preferen-. Animal Behaviour, 77 , e Pinard, V. Calving rate, calf.

Journal of Wildlife Management, 76 1 , e Ponganis, P. Diving mammals. Comprehensive Physiology, 1 1 , e R Core Team. A language and environment for statistical computing. R Foundation for Statistical Computing. Rachlow, J. Habitat selection by Dall's sheep Ovis dalli:. Maternal trade-offs. Scanlon, J. Movements of white-tailed deer in She-.

Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the. Southeast Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, 39 , e Schwede, G. Social and spatial organization of. Animal Behaviour, 45 ,1 0 0 7 e Smultea, M. Segregation by humpback whale Megaptera novaeangliae. Zoology, 72 5 , e 81 1. Snyder, G. Respirato ry adaptations in diving mammals. Physiology, 54 3 , e Spitz, S.

Measuring sizes of humpback whales. Megaptera novaeangliae by underwater videogrammetry. Marine Mammal. Science, 16 ,6 6 4 e The relation of body. Canadian Journal of Zoology, 80 1 1 , e 7. Swartz, S. Gray whale migratory, social and breeding behavior. Reports of. Swets, J. Measuring the accuracy of diagnostic systems. Szabo, A. Mother e offspring association in the humpback.

Following behaviour in an aquatic mammal. Animal Behaviour, 75 , 1 e 1 Thomas, P. Mother e infant interaction and behavioral. Behaviour, 88 1 ,. Videsen, S. High suckling rates. Functional Ecology , 31 8 , 1 e 15 Walker, A. Behaviour, habitat associa-. Zoology, 84 8 , 1 e Wolf, J. Males in the shade: Habitat use and. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 59 2 , e Wright, D. Redlands, CA: Center; Boston, MA: Zuur, A. Mixed effects. Summary of results from generalized linear mixed model for mother e calf resource. Final sighting depth 0. Final sighting rugged terrain 2. First sighting depth rugged terrain 0.

Ordinal day 0. Resighting interval 0. Random effects Variance SD. Mother e Calf pair 0 0. Citations 5. References Mother and calf groups stayed closer to shore when the calves are younger, presenting a gradual movement to deeper water with the maturation of the calves, maybe preparing them to migration Pack et al. Movement patterns of humpback whales Megaptera novaeangliae reoccupying a Brazilian breeding ground. Full-text available. Oct The population of humpback whales from breeding stock A is increasing, and little is known about the routes used by humpbacks that move north of the main calving area of Brazil, the Abrolhos Bank.

The aim of this study was to describe the movements of humpback whales in a reoccupation wintering area Serra Grande, Bahia state, Brazil based on land-based surveys to test if movement patterns change during the season and between years, due to group composition, behavioral state, and distance to the coast. The mean leg speed of the groups sighted was 6. There was an increase in leg speed and distance to the coast with increasing number of escorts in the groups with calves. The mean linearity value for group trajectory was 0.

We observed a predominance of trajectories heading south throughout the study. Groups exhibiting more erratic movements early in the season, and groups moving south showed more linear trajectories than groups moving north, indicating the beginning of their migration back to the feeding grounds. Energy conserving strategies and social context affect the movements of humpback whales in Serra Grande, resulting in the observed patterns of the reoccupation of available and suitable habitat north of Abrolhos.

Thereby, special attention should be given managing activities with the potential to disturb or displace whales using the region to calve and breed. A pressing issue is to confirm that the current study was staged in an area where encounter rates for mother -calf pairs would accurately represent regional trends.

The area where the study was conducted, namely the eastern portion of the Au'Au Channel between the islands of Maui and Lanai, is currently perceived to be core mother -calf habitat within Hawaiian waters [46][47][48] [49] 67]. Fluctuating reproductive rates in Hawaii's humpback whales, Megaptera novaeangliae , reflect recent climate anomalies in the North Pacific. Mar Cartwright A. Venema V. Hernandez D. Estimating the length of dolphins using photographs where another animal of known or estimated length is in close proximity. Comparing depth and seabed terrain preferences of individually identified female humpback whales Megaptera novaeangliae , with and without calf, off Maui, Hawaii: Social segregation of humpback whales in contrasted coastal and oceanic breeding habitats.

Maternal habitat preferences of humpback whales Megaptera novaeangliae are well documented from decades of coastal research but oceanic areas have received less attention. Whales breeding in New Caledonia occupy both ecosystems: As a result, spatial overlap between groups with and without calves was more common in the Southern Seamounts than the South Lagoon. Calves appeared older in the Southern Seamounts than in the South Lagoon but no difference in scarring or shark bites was found across sites, suggesting that calves experienced similar lifestyles and may move between offshore and coastal waters during the breeding season.

This study highlights the flexible habitat-use patterns of breeding humpback whales and raises new questions about the environmental and social drivers of their presence in offshore breeding grounds. Show more. High suckling rates and acoustic crypsis of humpback whale neonates maximise potential for mother-calf energy transfer. Summary 1. The migration of humpback whales to and from their breeding grounds results in a short, critical time period during which neonatal calves must acquire sufficient energy via suckling from their fasting mothers to survive the long return journey.

Understanding neonate suckling behaviour is critical for understanding the energetics and evolution of humpback whale migratory behaviour and for informing conservation efforts, but despite its importance, very little is known about the details, rate and behavioural context of this critical energy transfer.

Vocalisations between mother and calf, which included very weak tonal and grunting sounds, were produced more frequently during active dives than suckling dives, suggesting that mechanical stimuli rather than acoustic cues are used to initiate nursing. Such inconspicuous behaviour likely reduces the risk of exposure to eavesdropping predators and male humpback whale escorts that may disrupt the high proportion of time spent nursing and resting, and hence ultimately compromise calf fitness.

The small active space of the weak calls between mother and calf is very sensitive to increases in ambient noise from human encroachment thereby increasing the risk of mother— calf separation. Length at birth and at independence in humpback whales. Jan Phillip J. Clapham S. Wetmore T. Smith J. The multiple functions of male song within the humpback whale Megaptera novaeangliae mating system: Humpback whale male song. Nov Humpback whales Megaptera novaeangliae are seasonal breeders, annually migrating from high-latitude summer feeding grounds to low-latitude winter breeding grounds.

The social matrix on the winter grounds is a loose network of interacting individuals and groups and notably includes lone males that produce long bouts of complex song that collectively yield an asynchronous chorus. Occasionally, a male will sing while accompanying other whales. Despite a wealth of knowledge about the social matrix, the full characterization of the mating system remains unresolved, without any firm consensus, as does the function of song within that system. Here, I consider and critically analyse three proposed functions of song that have received the most attention in the literature: Female attraction suggests that humpback song is an advertisement and invitation to females, but field observations and song playback studies reveal that female visits to individual singers are virtually absent.

Other observations suggest instead that females might convey their presence to singers or to other males through the percussive sounds of flipper or tail slapping or possibly through vocalizations. There is some evidence for male—male interactions, both dominance and affiliative: The joiner may be seeking a coalition with the singer to engage cooperatively in attempts to obtain females, or may be seeking to disrupt the song or to affirm his dominance.

Some observations support one or the other intent. However, other observations, in part based on the brevity of most pairings, suggest that the joiner is prospecting, seeking to determine whether the singer is accompanying a female, and if not soon departs. In the lekking hypothesis, the aggregation of vocalizing males on a winter ground and the visits there by non-maternal females apparently for mating meet the fundamental definition of a lekking system and its role though communal display in attracting females to the aggregation, although not to an individual singer.

Communal singing is viewed as a form of by-product mutualism in which individuals benefit one another as incidental consequences of their own selfish actions. The label has three categories represented by stars corresponding to eco-management progress: ISO ISO sets out the criteria for an environmental management system and can be certified to. It does not state requirements for environmental performance, but maps out a framework that a company or organisation can follow to set up an effective environmental management system.

Since the opening in and with its unique location in the beating heart of the city, Hotel Metropole features the grandest hotel interior in Brussels. When entering the majestic lobby with its original chandeliers, grand wooden reception desk and antique leather sofas, the rich welcome commences.

Our elegant and refined bedrooms offer the perfect hideaway. Come and taste the delightful Belgian flavors and enjoy unforgettable moments. With 13 meeting rooms, and the biggest column free Ballroom in town for up to persons, this Belgian luxury hotel offers an outstanding location for social occasions, and all the modern technological equipment to make business events a resounding success.

Hotel Metropole is famous for the charm of its welcome, the refinement of its cuisine, the treasures of its cellar and the elegance of its bar. Designed by the famous architect Antoine Pinto, our hotel offers a modern and stylish ambiance. Each guestroom offers a dynamic interaction between white leather, warm taupe, dark wood, and splashes of brilliant colours. The hotel offers 6 original meeting rooms, all with natural daylight, for a capacity up to attendees. The decoration is designed upon surrealism movement and from its most famous artworks.

Located on the same floor with direct access to the terrace, is the perfect setting for a private cocktail party or an evening reception up to attendees. Discover our modern and inspired cuisine with influences from around the world and be seduced by our spectacular cocktails. For a relaxing moment, you can work out in our fitness center.

WhetherWhether you are coming forcoming leisure or business purposes, wepurposes, have ropean Parliament. Each guesblend off of light-fi lled space andof natural materials, bathrooms withmaterials, the rain shower troom ers a perfect blend light-fi lled space and natural bathrooms system andshower a host ofsystem cuttingand edge features.

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Discover 12 meeting with 12 a meetwith a rain a host of cutting edge features. Savor guarantee tailor-made events. A private parking is available. Hotel Amigo, a Rocco Forte hotel, is located around 56 steps from the magnificent Grand Place and close to the Dansaert shopping street and the European Parliament, offering guests unparalleled service and style. The Bar Amigo, with its broad selection of cocktails and its music evenings, is ideal for every occasion and a lively place. Simple yet sophisticated, the authentic menu is created by celebrated Italian Chef Fulvio Pierangelini.

Hotel Amigo provides the perfect venue for hosting events for up to guests. From gala receptions to intimate family celebrations, guests can enjoy menus created by the Chefs at BoCConi, in one of the six well-appointed meeting rooms, ballroom or the Royal Suite. Hotel Amigo is a place where history is mixed with contemporary charm, just like Brussels. Where do you meet? AccorHotels welcomes you in Belgium with more than 64 hotels, bedrooms ranging from 2 to 5 stars.

A choice of more than meeting rooms. Want more info? With a total of rooms and 18 meeting rooms the Crowne Plaza Brussels - Le Palace is a reputable and well known Conference hotel in Brussels. Dating back to and renovated in Art Nouveau style, the hotel is ideally situated: As metro and public transports are accessible in front of the hotel, the major business districts, exhibition centres, and EU Institutions are at easy reach. The guestrooms and suites, each personalized, combine tradition and The guestrooms and suites, each personalized, combine tradition modernity.

It provides rooms and suites together with 18 fully renovated modern meeting rooms, for conferences up to delegates. All main meeting rooms are concentrated on the same floor — overlooking the luminous atrium! A professional in-house AV company stands by the whole event with expertise support. Towering high above the Brussels skyline on the Boulevard de Waterloo, the high-end fashion-shopping street of Brussels, The Hotel lets you escape the city rush and relax.

Regularly praised for its impeccable service, elegantly appointed rooms and vibrant atmosphere, guests are invited to enjoy the spectacular views from the iconic building while meeting for business, or indulging in a well-earned treatment in the Spa. The Hotel is superbly located, a few minutes away from the main attractions: Thanks to the unique design of this iconic high-rise and its position in the city, each room is totally private and secluded, offering guests their own breath-taking view of the city.

Professional gatherings up to guests — 12 meeting rooms on the 1st, 25th, 26th and 27th Floor. Views are truly awe-inspiring and you will make the right impression before you have even shown your first slide. Other Facilities: Experience Meetings: Experience Meetings by Radisson Blu is a concept that ensures successful meetings with all the right ingredients: MAp Grand-Place district. Service philosophy, concierge service, business centre, underground private parking, fitness club, 24h room service.

The hoteltooffers your roomsresidential perfectly equipped in order to make your residential meeting a great experience. Ideal meeting and conference place when participants are flying in from other locations. It is an airport hotel that feels more like a resort thanks to the park, lakes, waterbirds and contemporary architecture. We have a great space: Meeting rooms: All rooms equipped with with modern technical audioTechnologies. Whatever your event request is show, presentation, workshop,.. Whether it is a government conference or a last minute boardroom meeting we can ensure it is delivered to the best standard.

Other information: Free Wi-Fi, private parking, separate privatisable conference center entrance. Free WiFi, private parking, separate privatisable conference center entrance. Bright, spacious, green and contemporary environment. Large carpark for attendees and hotelguests. Seriously fast and reliable internet up to 50Mbps.

All conference rooms have natural daylight. Closest hotel to the main business parks in Brussels. The hotel stands out by its sleek, modern lines crafted by the architect Jean-Philippe Nuel. Enjoy this unique location close to Grand Place, European District, etc. Complimentary Wi-Fi offered throughout the hotel. There are as many as 11 meeting rooms, of which the largest 4 together can host up to people.

Be inspired by our creative and innovative breaks. Complimentary bottles of still and sparkling water, coffee and tea making facilities.

As from Superior rooms a Nespresso Machine and Bose docking station are at your disposal. It is built around the historical Tour Noire on the Sint-Katelijne square. This stylish neighbourhood is situated at only meters from the Grote Markt. This hotel offers non-smoking rooms including executive rooms and rooms adapt to host disabled people.

Each room is nicely decorated and fully equipped. In This hotel is situated in the centre It ispublic built around all rooms,of asBrussels. This stylish. Room service available at all times. Our conference has 11 meeting rooms onrooms offer, including This hotel offers non-smoking roomscentre including executive and a large room of square meters ; an excellent accommodation for plenary sesAll conference daylight and equippedand with air-conrooms adapt to host disabledsions.

Each rooms roomareiswith nicely decorated ditioning. In all rooms, as well as in all our public areas and meeting To add to an agreeable stay, you can enjoy the sports- and relaxation facilities: Room service is available at all times. Our conference centre has 11 meeting rooms on offer, including a large room Rooms of square meters ; an excellent accommodation for plenary sessions. Tour Noire 1 45 3. Tour Noire All conference 2 daylight 50 3. Basic material: LCD beamer, paperboard, screen, sweets, paper and pencil. On request: Boulevard Charlemagne B Brussels T: With its prime location right at the heart of the historic city centre, ideally set between Grand Place and The Square Meeting and Convention Centre, Hilton Brussels Grand Place is the perfect choice for your group or event up to delegates.

Hotel Berlaymont Brussels EU is a stylish and welcoming haven for travellers, located in the heart of the European Quarter. Ideally placed for the EU institutions, just moments from the Berlaymont building and from Schuman station, the Hotel Berlaymont draws energy and inspiration from its illustrious surroundings, whilst offering visitors a peaceful refuge from the bustle and activity at the heart of Europe.

Transport links to the historic centre of Brussels makes the Hotel Berlaymont the perfect base for exploring the city. Our seven flexible meeting spaces provide an inspiring venue for your meetings, receptions and events. Have a look to our packages or contact our meeting planners onsite to ask for an adapted offer. You will enter a hotel unlike any other. Pillows Grand Hotel Place Rouppe instils new life into a neoclassical building. The hotel contains boardroom with natural daylight and modern audiovisual equipment.

There is also a meeting lounge for after-work drinks and relaxation. This hotel is perfect for leisure and business, with 43 generous and stylishly appointed rooms, Pillows Grand Hotel Place Rouppe takes a modern approach to elegance. For business there are two exclusive meeting salons that have the best audiovisual equipment. Our staff always exceeds in making our guests as comfortable as possible and offer great personal service. Our meeting packages are adjusted to the needs of our guests and are always flexible. Additionally there is an underground private car park and free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.

When in need of an overnight stay after meetings, Sandton Brussels Centre has 70 luxurious rooms and an extended breakfast. The Living is the heart of the hotel where the warm welcome and the allday dining services melt into a perfect setting to unwind after a day in Brussels. The ambiance encourages to read a book, taste a fine dish or enjoy a glass of wine. Situated between the airport citynext centre, next headquarters, to NATO headquarters, the hotel is easily accessible by car and public transport and the hotel is easily accessible by car and public transport and has an has an underground carfree parking, free shuttle airport at fixed underground car parking, shuttle towards thetowards airport atthe fixed timetable.

The hotel has comfortable rooms, 7 Executive rooms and The hotel has comfortable rooms, 7 Executive rooms and 7 business flats 7 business flats with kitchenette. A wine bar and restaurant offerand a trendy atmosphere atmosphere to enjoy your work lunch, dinner workthroughout drink. Free Wi-Fi your lunch, dinner and after drink. With a total of 2, m2, the Bedford offers one of the largest spaces in downtown Brussels to welcome conferences from 10 to 1, people.

The 13 fully—equipped meeting rooms can also be used for breakout rooms. Furthermore, a congress centre of 1, m2 is especially suited to tailor— made events. The John Glenn and Gagarine rooms can be used for exhibitions, cocktails, coffee breaks, hot and cold buffets and even car presentations. For any kind of venue, the Bedford perfectly combines the flexibility and the traditions of a privately—owned hotel with the experience and efficiency of a professional staff!

Our 3 meeting meetingrooms, rooms,totally totally renovated, ground communiOur 3 renovated, onon thethe ground floorfloor cancan communicate cate with each With access direct access to the and terrace and they garden, they all with each other. With direct to the terrace garden, all have have daylight, individual air conditioning, audio-visual Wi-Fi daylight, individual air conditioning, audio-visual equipment,equipment, WIFI and ADSL.

To meet up your needs and satisfactions we guarantee: Grensstraat 3 B Diegem T: At Arrivals of Thalys,ofEurostar and Ice. At Arrivals Thalys, Eurostar and rooms Guestincluding rooms including 40 business friendly rooms. Guest 40 business friendly rooms. Facilities an like an underground fully secured Fitness area on top floor of and the underground fully secured parking,parking, Fitness area on top floor of the hotel hotel high speedaccess internet access throughout highand speed internet throughout the hotel.

We are also just 5 kilometres from Brussels National Airport and offer complimentary shuttle service to and from the hotel along with underground parking. Take advantage of dedicated business services such as valet laundry, a business centre or a 24H Hungry Kiosk. Ask for our take away boxes or departure drinks at the BAR. Meeting rooms Ask for our take away boxes or departure drinks at the BAR. Order 5Meeting fully equipped our flexible meeting formula as per hour,hosting per person.

Easy access to key 5 fully equipped versatile meeting rooms up to persons. Walking Order our flexible meeting formula as per hour, per person. Map Mididistrict district Map Midi. Brussels provides you with variety, modernity and world-class cuisine at sensible prices. Within a vast selection of eataries, we offer many that serve more than diners. Local specialities, French cuisine, international, organic, vegetarian,… the choice is yours! Its roots lie in the land and sea. Its signature products are chocolate, beer and chips accessible to, and enjoyed by, just about everyone.

The Brusselicious label lists the best spots that lay claim to and honour this Belgian cuisine. Each certified establishment has its own personality but all endeavour to defend the values of local cuisine: The final selection was conducted by a panel of culinary journalists who have considered the presence of distinctive dishes on the menu, their quality, ingredients, and service. A restaurant twentieth century hardware store, A restaurant a atwentieth century hardware store, designed by a disciple of Victor Horta! E3 Open E3 Saturday. The wine staple ofofthis restaurant.

TheHampshire winelist listforms forms stapleand this restaurant. Map Louise district. Private rooms for business lunches or meetings seated or standing. Private rooms for business dinners, banquets or group events up to people are available. The interior design is by Marcel Wolterinck. It is possible to privatize one or more rooms for communions, weddings, birthday parties and business events.

Rabbit in Kriek beer, Zeeland mussels and Malines chicken in a morel cream sauce are three examples of a cuisine that is loyal to the local culinary traditions. A touch of creativity has been added to the dishes, which are also available for delivery. There's no fuss here, just a relaxed and fun atmosphere. The Volle Gas also hosts your receptions, banquets and celebrations for up to people in it's vast upstairs room. Inside La Fabbrica you are greeted by beautiful exposed timber, brick, and concrete that reflects the industrious zeal of past and future of a once modal transportation hub.

La Fabbrica hosts many special events and celebrations of all types and is happy to work with you and customize its Italian catering formulas to fit your specific event needs. Our Chef, who we recently acquired, worked many years in a Michelin star restaurant. In this line of work he continues to serve you Italian food of the utmost quality tailored to your wishes.

Our La Fabbrica team welcomes you wholeheartedly every day. Our 16th Century building is the perfect backdrop for your small event, including birthday celebrations, corporate meetings, team buildings and wedding events. And our expert event-planning staff is exactly who you need to plan and execute a perfect event from beginning to end.

Our location features over 5, square feet of space, including seating for , a live music area for weekly events, a late-night lounge, and a merchandise-filled Rock Shop. We offer four indoor and outdoor spaces for you to choose from, or you can buy out our entire cafe for one epic party.

Two of these spaces have views on the Grand Place. Our full-service Brussels event venue can accommodate anywhere from guests, depending on the space and layout you choose. Catering, entertainment, and event merchandise can be customized to complement every event. The venue is extremely accessible by train, metro and bus from the Brussels North Station free shuttle buses to and fro and by car from the highways right of the E40 Ghent-Ostend, E19 Antwerp-Amsterdam, E Namur-Luxemburg.

Some programmes are built around green ideas and educational themes — showing how fun and sustainability belong to the same family. Horta Inside Out: Focus on the famous architect Victor Horta during Fun activities based on the culture, tradition or history of Brussels. Discover a surprising side of Brussels and motivate your team with one of our incentive activities for organisations and companies. Our incentives cater for all types of people, from creative free spirits and sports enthusiasts to scientific researchers, with a range of activities that run from discovery and detective work to role playing and movie making.

A selection of highlights: A score of Brussels' cultural institutions have teamed up for you to re discover Victor Horta from every angle, bringing you a line-up of activities of unprecedented quality and quantity linked to this famous architect throughout Brussels - Artonov Festival: Check the programme and all the information on www. For creativity, arts and culture, Brussels is a gold mine. And discovering it can be fun… especially if you do it in an original way that everyone will remember.

Like a culinary stroll with delicious stops. Or maybe by waterbus? Or if you have a large group, offer them a choice of themed tours. Brussels is full of surprises, for everybody. Have a pleasant bus tour around Brussels and discover all kinds of surprises and attractions in the heart of Europe. YOU would like your delegates to share a great moment together while discovering a place or eating. TRY US! HOW do we do that? We transform cities, hotels, offices, congress centers into boardgames.

We use one of our dedicated applications and our touch pads. We upload the serious game that fits your needs. We can partly or fully customize the content depending on a theme or a learning session. We are flexible Our activity can be played on the way in between two venues. We are looking forward to meeting with you and to speak about our passion. We gamify your events. Experience for yourself why Brussels is a world centre for gastronomy, chocolate and beer. How about a gourmet dinner on board a tram while you tour the city? Or a chocolate-making workshop with a master chocolatier?

Whatever size your group, we have dozens of delicious programmes to convince you. A special breakfast or aperitif. Experience chocolate or beer, just taste Brussels. Choose with care… some of our programmes will push you to the limit! As you can see, you will quickly get into the mood, amidst lots of shouts and laughter!. Discover activities that enhance the communication and personal skills of participants. Each team follows an itinerary on the interactive tablet, in the city, park, hotel, museum,….

Find activities that reveal another side to your personality. Then come and meet the world of Belgian designers — The Tram Experience: City ride with a difference — passengers enjoy a lavish menu created by famous Michelin-starred chefs from all over the world. Brussels has a lively fashion scene and a style all of its own. Especially for you, visit.

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The twirky Brussels streets hide many art galleries, eclectic exhibitions and, above all, original new architecture that perfectly melts into the urban fabric. Welcome to the land of Tintin, the Smurfs and many more heroes of the ninth art! Brussels is the unchallenged Capital of the European comic strip and we have a selection of incentives that pay homage.

Choose your own Segway and meet comic strip personalities around the city such as Natacha, Black and Mortimer, and others. Let a top caricaturist reveal your hidden drawing skills! Brussels takes sustainability very seriously, but it can also be fun. And we have a wide variety of new incentives to prove it, from hi-tech electric bicycles to discoveries in the forest. A hands-on experience of sustainable development!

Hosting the EU has helped us develop world-class services All organisers can find their ideal partners to make their event a success. Experienced front line, PCOs and DMCs for meetings and events Full range of professional service providers to support you The best translation and interpretation services in Europe!

In all 24 EU languages. Grensstraat 7 B9 B Diegem T: Need to communicate Need to communicate key messages, key messages, tell a powerful tell astory, powerful connect story,with connect with your targetyour audience target? Together with Together you, we with develop you, we your develop event your strategy, eventpackage strategy,your package message your message. We then deliver We then thedeliver live communication the live communication productionproduction and event logistics.

We are your Wepartners are yourfor partners Intelligent for Intelligent Creativity Creativity Original thinking Originaland thinking innovation and innovation will only have will the onlydesired have the impact desired if they impact if they stem from stem an accurate from anunderstanding accurate understanding of the challenge of the challenge and context.

We vant for your vant organisation for your organisation are selected. We are your Wepartners are yourfrom partners A to Zfrom A to Z We deliverWe thedeliver entire the process, entirefrom process, the initial from the ideainitial through ideatothrough long-term to long-term. Avenue A. Slegers A. Slegerslaan B Brussels T: Established in , Downtown Europe specialises in the organisation of large congresses and tailor-made conferences allowing communities to gather, grow and evolve together.

Kellen provides association management, strategic advice, government affairs, market research and European representation services to associations and corporations worldwide. Our Europe-based Kellen team includes 37 experienced professionals with a variety of complementary backgrounds, industry knowledge and skills. Each of whom has extensive experience in the management and representation of national, European and global associations and is competent in at least three European languages.

Share knowledge, develop policies, increase visibility … whatever your objectives are, we will help you achieve them. Our responsive team runs outstanding events, getting every single detail right and continually innovating. Our acute care for dedicated approach makes the difference. Kellen Clients benefit from specialised association management knowledge, enriched service offering and privileged links with EU and USbased decision-makers. Our professionals around the globe are specially trained in areas ranging from engineering to nutrition, from integrated communications to global consulting, and of course, in association management and meeting planning.

Alfons Westgeest, Managing Partner awestgeest kellencompany. We are a growing group with more than 30 years of creativity, innovation and attention to people. Semico nv thethe leading Professional Congress Organizers Semico nv isisone oneof of leading Professional Congress Organizers in Belgium, working working to tothe thehighest higheststandards standardsofof industry in Belgium, thethe industry as as ourour membership of IAPCO confirms. With more than employees, we are able to provide services in English, French, Italian and Chinese. Our core business is the organisation of corporate and governmental conferences and international congresses in Europe and all over the world.

Our clients range from national and international associations to governmental organisations, corporate and private companies such as banks or automotive companies. Type of company: Professional Congress organiser Professional Congress organiser Services for both Associations and Services for both Associations and Corporations, Corporations, Event organizer Event organizer Membership s professional bodies: Membership s professional bodies: We do like to: Brussels Office Ghent Office: Meetings Governmental Events in the last 21 years.

Ghent Office: Brussels office Contact: We do like to raising and sponsorship, management and promotion. Kellen partners with associations and professional societies around the world to help them reach new levels of success. Kellen is a global, employee-owned association management firm, delivering dynamic, scalable solutions to our association clients for more than 50 years.

We are a full-service firm, meaning we provide expertise in strategy, membership development, revenue development, marketing, communications, public relations, public affairs, education, certification, accreditation, conference and trade show management, financial management and technology. Our association professionals serve more than trade associations, professional societies, certification boards and foundations from offices in Atlanta, Beijing, Brussels, Chicago, Denver, Kansas City, New York City, and Washington, D. Are Are you you looking looking for for fresh fresh and and creative creativeincentive, incentive,team—building, team—building,ororsocial programs for your clients?

De Boeck Incoming and Events is your one point of contact in the Benelux for your Meetings and Events, all business travel organization and leisure travel. DBI team knows the right local suppliers and provides the best tailor-made packages and top quality services in the region. DBI is a branch of the Keolis Belgium group, the biggest coach company in the country. Having our own fleet of tourism coaches is another asset we can offer our clients.

For the most internationally known events in Belgium, we arrange official hotel packages with exceptional conditions. Let us arrange a unique and memorable program for you! Whether you are organizing a day trip, a corporate event or an international holiday, at Eurobussing you will find the appropriate solutions. Our services: We can provide coaches for all occasions, ranging from school trips to shuttle services. If necessary, an extra trailer for ski equipment or bicycles is at your disposition.

With a broad range of vehicles, going from mini-buses to luxury VIP coaches, Eurobussing is able to meet all your expectations. Within the Keolis Group, we have over 2. Let us handle the stressful and tedious production while you just focus on your own event planning work. Invitations, envelopes… Leaflets, brochures, folders… For your table - menus, seating plans, name tags, centrepiece totems… Stickers. Grensstraat 7 B9 Diegem T: Brusselsesteenweg Overijse T: Route de Lennik Lennikstraat Brussels T: Boulevard du Souverain Vorstlaan Brussels T: Val des Seigneurs 4 Herendal Brussels T: Rue Albert Latour 92 Brussels T: Veldstraat Kuringen T: Edenplein 17 Antwerpen T: Aarschotsebaan 89 Kampenhout T: Venusstraat 7 Willebroek T: Koning Albert I laan 40 Brugge T: Sint Salvatorstraat 20 A Gent T: Scheldestraat 57 Antwerpen T: Muntplein 5 Brugge T: Geerwijnstraat 9 Brugge T: Dijkstraat 44 Haacht T: Kempische Steenweg Hasselt T: Herrystraat 15 Antwerpen T: Jan Lindtstraat 10 Hoeilaart T: Luikersteenweg 23 Hasselt T: Raas Van Gaverestraat 83 Gent T: Your visitors will feel at home in Brussels thanks to its compact, guest-friendly and cosmopolitan nature.

Nationals of the European Union excl. UK and Ireland and Switzerland will need an identity card. Automatic cash machines can be found in all parts of the city. Cash withdrawals may be made using your credit card. The logos of cards accepted are shown beside the machine. Banks are usually open from Monday to Friday, from 9: Some are also open on Saturday mornings. Eclectic shops in the European Institutions area. Trendy shops, patisseries and restaurants. Shops are usually open from On Fridays, some stores stay open until Fashion and design boutiques.

Brussels Airport information desk is located in the arrivals hall.


Taxi Airport drop-off points at Arrivals and Departures halls. Taxi pick-up point outside Arrivals hall. Special facilities and services Information and reservations visit. Airport bus station is situated below Arrivals hall and can be accessed by lifts and elevators via the Diamant zone. Parking for Parking, boarding and disembarking facilities for people with reduced mobility, including wheelchair facilities in terminal and at boarding gates.

Discover the world's research

Practical amenities Car rental In the arrivals hall you will find the desks of the major car rental companies. Open from Drivers must give way to all vehicles including trams and buses coming from the right, except when the road they are driving on has priority. Tickets Available at station ticket counters and via internet. Discount fares available for selected tourist excursions and in conjunction with certain major events.

VIP services Meeting rooms: Personal welcome: Announce your event with signs on platforms and in the station, banners at exits or mobile stands in the Thalys Hall. Metro, tram and bus. Fares are displayed on the meter and include service. Tips are up to you but are always well received. Attention The taximeter must be switched on at the start of the ride.

You will be provided with a printed receipt at the end of the ride. Only taxis with the official sign of the Brussels Region are allowed to pick you up unless you have made a reservation. Brussels Commissioner single point of contact for all European institutions and international organisations, including expat welcome desk. Stand at the crossroads of Europe and make the European Parliament part of your next trip to Brussels. See the European Parliament visitor website for details or stop by the information point on Place du Luxembourg for more information on what there is to visit.

Gathering in Brussels is just a direct flight away. To find out how you can benefit from our various programmes, contact our team at conventions brusselsairlines. Instruments Mus gs in ild bu u ea uv amazing Art No ctioniosns reveal their secrets in Brussels. Jazz great concert in one of nues. PARIS Use the resources of the One Stop Shop on site. It is the oldest international association established in Belgium. They the food chain that are located here. Being the capital of This city is also a great place to work, to meet and to hold conferences; Europe, Brussels is the natural hub for EU-related activities and events.

A real win-win move: Remy Throughout — various venues See January www. The Immersive Experience Art Nouveau: And of course he cannot be left out of the Continental Cycling Heroes Tour. New Horizons In Central Europe. The first exhibition to examine the design history of the nightclub features exhibits from design, art, architecture, music, and Art Nouveau: LE CH. O Gay Cen Gay Centre: RO CH. Restaurants R. AN TR. D GA BO. R DAM. S Venues: D Venues: ISA SR. DE AV. LOU Venues: M POR R. A DE AV. Arts-Loi Kunst-Wet R. Conference facilities Configuration Nr of people venues Auditorium Rooms Rooms , 10, Conference facilities Configuration Nr of people Autoworld is located in the exclusive buildings of the Parc du Cinquantenaire, one of the most beautiful locations of our architectonic heritage built in and tells the car history from untill today.

Map Grand-Place district p. Access doors Rooms Zone A 4, 10 2. Map Louise district G5 This fashionable cultural place in the centre of Brussels gives a special atmosphere to all occasions. Conference facilities the preparation and during your event to ensure its success. All our meeting rooms propose technical and advanced equipment. A visit can be arranged beforehand and we can provide a detailed quote on request. We in invite you toNoble contact we will be show you smaller meetings. A system allowing the seats to be stored under the stage makes it possible to take full advantage of the theatre stalls for a seated dinner, a fashion show with a catwalk… th A environmental reA team team of of professionals professionals assists assists you you with with expertise expertise in in environmental sponsibility.

Smaller groups are also welcome for a private visit after the opening For morewith information, please contact: Our personalized approach makes your event an unforgettable We er you We off offer youaaunique uniquesetting settingfor forall allyour yourevents events: All rooms have daylight and can be darkened. Contact us: Thecentre lobby and restaurant complete the and picture and make Everything is possible here in this green and pleasant land, far from the madding crowd. A restaurant, a huge terrace by the waterside, sunny or shady as you wish… the International Auditorium conference centre a highly appreciated seminar and meeting venue. Exceptional quality is the attribute characterizing the MIM collection of Exceptional quality is the attribute characterizing MIM1, collection of more than 7, instruments of all kinds and from allthe places.

The —seat MIMheadsets auditorium, 8th floor is an ideal host for confer- ences and lectures. The proximity of Brussels International Airport only 12 km away , and the presence of the Brussels Midi international railway station — Thalys, Eurostar, ICE — in the historic centre provides attendees with easy access to Brussels NH GRand Sablon hotels Brussels has a wide variety of accommodation solutions for international travellers, from the latest modern design concept hotels to established international branded hotels.

Josse-ten-Noode www. Conference facilities Configuration Nr of people hotels Rooms Rotonde 56 4 - - 65 40 - Horta Palace and major congress centres. Le Plaza is a landmark of the early 20th century. Whether it is a government conference or a last minute boardroom meeting we can ensure it is delivered to the best standard Conference facilities Configuration Nr of people Rooms Mathilde Fabiola 6, 3.

Rooms Rooms Mathilde 6, 3. Tour Eiffel 2 28 3. C5 For any kind of venue, the Bedford perfectly combines the flexibility and the traditions of a privately—owned hotel with the experience and efficiency of a professional staff! Conference facilities Configuration Nr of people 8, 5. Belgian - French, International - Fusion Large cocktail bar - cosy lounge seating - Terrace Contemporary surroundings, Air conditioning, Disabled Access, Parking Open Monday - Saturday from 18h till closing At noon on Tuesday till Friday from E3 Rabbit in Kriek beer, Zeeland mussels and Malines chicken in a morel cream sauce are three examples of a cuisine that is loyal to the local culinary traditions.

Rogier District B3 La Fabbrica hosts many special events and celebrations of all types and is happy to work with you and customize its Italian catering formulas to fit your specific event needs. Catering, entertainment, and event merchandise can be customized to complement every event The venue is extremely accessible by train, metro and bus from the Brussels North Station free shuttle buses to and fro and by car from the highways right of the E40 Ghent-Ostend, E19 Antwerp-Amsterdam, E Namur-Luxemburg. Art Nouveau Horta Inside Out: Focus on the famous architect Victor Horta during Vanhulst incentive ideas For creativity, arts and culture, Brussels is a gold mine.

Danhier incentive ideas Welcome to the land of Tintin, the Smurfs and many more heroes of the ninth art! AIM Brussels Type of company: For more information: Our team: Transport Membership s professional bodies: Accessories, sleeves, lanyards… T: Climate Visa Basic shopping, clothing boutiques, multi-brand department stores and large stores.

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