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Though the story about the palace itself is perhaps even more beautiful: A hint of that love is still in the air here.

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  2. Amsterdam Gay Pride Independent and complete guide to canal parade and parties..
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This glorious setting turns every celebration into an unforgettable experience, seemingly created for perfect photo opportunities. The hall, the world-famous baroque marble staircase, Mirabell Gardens with the Rose Garden and Pegasus Fountain — the kind of backdrop couples dream of. Also obligatory: Giving the chubby cherubs lining the banister a quick slap on the bottom — which is said to bring added luck and happiness to a marriage.

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Here you will find your ideal accommodations, sightseeing tours of Salzburg, special events and tickets, along with all the benefits of the Salzburg Card. Book your tickets right here:. The Salzburg Card provides you with free or discounted admission to numerous sightseeing attractions, along with free use of public transportation.

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By checking the box, you consent to the processing of the aforementioned personally identifiable data for the purposes of sending you an email newsletter based upon your expressed agreement and until such point as you wish to revoke or rescind your consent. Salzburg for Gays and Friends. A City for All In Salzburg, you will encounter a cosmopolitan, liberally minded atmosphere, and a lifestyle that is, perhaps surprisingly, very modern. Additional Links and Information Current information about Salzburg for gays and lesbians can be found on Facebook under GayfriendlySalzburg.

GayGuide Salzburg presents the tourism attractions of Salzburg from a gay and lesbian perspective in two languages German and English.

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Take a look online or order at brochures salzburg. Homosexual Initiative HOSI Salzburg is a non-profit organization which has been dedicated to promoting openness and acceptance for 30 years.

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A diverse slate of events gives lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersexual people the opportunity to get together in an open atmosphere. GayGuide Salzburg.

Salzburg for Gays and Friends

Gayfriendly Salzburg on Facebook. The main gay events and parties all take place in the city center of Amsterdam. Visiting for the weekend? August is high tourist season, so make your hotel reservations early. If you visit for a day, please get yourself informed about traffic, public transport and busy areas.

Click here for a full list of parties and events. Make sure you book your hotel in time. Gay pride is one of the busiest weekends in Amsterdam.

With our hotel partner booking. There is also no booking fee and you can cancel most rooms free of charge.

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