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Regardless of their pathways to achieve parenthood within different-gender or same-gender relationships gay men referred to similar motivations across different studies Bigner and Jacobsen, a;Peterson et al. Studying planned families,Panozzo found that the gay fathers sampled presented an extremely high level of parenting desire.

Are the Fathers Alright? Sep Same-sex parenting, assisted reproduction and gender asymmetry: Reflecting on the differential effects of legislation on gay and lesbian family formation in Spain. Heterosexual recuperation in South Africans' talk about homosexuality.


Nov Gay men as parents: Analysing resistant talk in South African mainstream media accounts of queer families. Jan Sex Cult. A survey of UK fertility clinics' approach to surrogacy arrangements. Jun A Neuropsychoanalytic Model.

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Dec Show more. Get access to 30 million figures. Join for free. Help center. Business solutions. All rights reserved. Imprint Terms Privacy. Log in. Resolution on appropriate therapeutic responses to sexual orientation. Retrieved January 23, , from http: Barlow, D. Fading to increase heterosexual responsiveness in homosexuals. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis , 6 , — Baumeister, R. Gender differences in erotic plasticity: The female sex drive as socially flexible and responsive. Psychological Bulletin , , — Beckstead, A. Cures versus choices: Agendas in sexual re-orientation therapy.

Journal of Gay and Lesbian Psychotherapy , 5 , 87— Berger, J. The psychotherapeutic treatment of male homosexuality. American Journal of Psychotherapy , 48 , — Bieber, I. Gundlach, R.

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A psychoanalytic study of male homosexuals. New York: Basic Books. Bieschke, K. Programmatic research on the treatment of lesbian, gay, and bisexual clients: The past, the present, and the course for the future.

Perez, K. Bieschke Eds. Washington, DC: Callahan, E. Covert sensitization for homosexuality. Thoresen Eds. Holt, Rinehart and Winston. Diamond, L.

Prostate cancer tests and treatment: A guide for gay and bisexual men | Prostate Cancer UK

Was it a phase? Journal of Personality and Social Psychology , 84 , — Drescher, J. Ethical concerns raised when patients seek to change same sex attractions. Journal of Gay and Lesbian Psychotherapy 5 , — Ellis, A. A homosexual treated with rational psychotherapy. Journal of Clinical Psychology , 15 , — Forstein, M. Overview of ethical and research issues in sexual orientation therapy. Journal of Gay and Lesbian Psychotherapy , 5 , — Freeman, W. A behavioral alteration of sexual preferences in the human male. Behavior Therapy , 6 , — Friedman, R.

Sexual orientation and psychoanalysis: Sexual science and clinical practice. Columbia University Press. Goetze, R. Homosexuality and the possibility of change: An ongoing research project. Retrieved October 16, , from http: Golwyn, D. Adventitious change in homosexual behavior during treatment of social phobia with Phenelzine. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry , 54 , 39— Gonsiorek, J. The use of diagnostic concepts in working with gay and lesbian populations. Journal of Homosexuality , 7 , 9— Hadden, S. Treatment of male homosexuals in groups. International Journal of Group Psychotherapy , 17 , 13— Hadfield, J.

The cure of homosexuality. British Medical Journal , 58 , — Haldeman, D.

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Therapeutic antidotes: Helping gay and bisexual men recover from conversion therapies. Hatterer, L. Changing homosexuality in the male. Isay R. Becoming gay: The journey to self-acceptance. Kitzinger, C.

Transitions from heterosexuality to lesbianism: The discursive production of lesbian identities. Developmental Psychology , 31 , 95— Liss, J. Change in homosexual orientation.

Prostate cancer tests and treatment: Information for gay and bisexual men

American Journal of Psychotherapy , 27 , — MacIntosh, H. Attitudes and experiences of psychoanalysts in analyzing homosexual patients. Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association , 42 , — Mahoney, M.

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